The closer we come to the time of planetary awakening, the stronger are the cosmic energies becoming available to us for personal transformation, physical healing, and divine manifestation. The source energy known as Ilahinoor Turkish for divine light can prepare us to ride the evolutionary wave that is coming our way and to manifest the divine human that slumbers within. A sequel to Year Zero, this book is a handbook for co-creating the new earth by means of a powerful healing practice known as Ilahinoor. – Kiara Windrider

Ilahinoor is a powerful tool for emotional and physical healing and for releasing old, self-limiting patterns. It is generally experienced as very nutritious and equilibrating as we enter deeply into the body in expanded consciousness. With Ilahinoor, we can finally become ourselves again, in order to experience great relief, as well as a deep peace. Life begins to flow with greater ease and abundance as we open ourselves to a happy recognition of our true nature.

Ilahinoor is a way of experiencing our oneness with the Earth and the Universe and begin to co-create new ways of living together on the planet. It is the path of enlightenment.


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