Distance Therapy

Every day, the importance of telecommunications in our lives increases more and more. In history, the shamans used to use energetic and spiritual work at a distance. We are spirits. We are energy. To access your given spirit, whichever dimension it is in (4th dimension or higher), it is enough to simply focus on that spirit. All spiritual therapy is ultimately done at a distance, whether in the practice room through close distance, or in separate locations, even in different countries, and can all be done through Skype, mobile or similar communication methods. The results of energy or spiritual therapies are exactly the same, either “in-person” or at a distance. If you find it difficult to move, to travel or to commute, or you prefer to enjoy the therapies in the comfort of your own home, do get in touch so that we can arrange distance therapy sessions for you.

Distant Therapy sessions available:

Multidimensional Therapy 

It is not necessary to invoke the spirit of the person. Instead, the Beings of Light are sent to the place where the person is, to work on their body’s energy and for their situation(s) to be resolved.

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Spiritual Cleansing 

The Beings of Light will come to you and act in your aura, in your body’s energy clearing you of negative fluids and harmful emotional states.

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The energy of the healing frequencies is sent to the person using the therapist’s intention.

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